Friday, July 27, 2012

Why You Really Need Twitter

In this day and age you really can't deny the marketing power of the internet. Those who hope to have a chance at success know they must have some sort of internet presence. 5 years ago, every business had to have a website. 
Today, many businesses have opted to only have a Facebook web presence and save the costs of designing a full fledged website. There is no doubt that a web presence can impress a potential client, but the amount of potential clients that can be marketed to via Facebook is undeniable. The costs involved in getting a Facebook presence are nearly zero. You would be leaving money on the table if you do not utilize the other social media giant, Twitter. 
Twitter has around 500 million users. Not quite as many as Facebook, but the overlap in users isn't always static. If one can reach thousands of users on Facebook with the click of one button...why ignore the other half? Twitter represents the ability to market yourself on the go, and to a captive audience. The ability to re-tweet a post hold serious social implications. While someone can simply like a post on Facebook from your company, if someone likes something you have written on Twitter, it can be re-tweeted, and you see a pyramid effect. One person re-tweets, and automatically 20 people who weren't following your twitter post before now see the marketing message you just posted. If even one of those people re-tweet, 20 more people who simply would have missed your post have now been exposed. The power here for exposure is great. 
Twitter is seen by many businesses as inferior because your marketing is limited to text only, and in short bursts. But if your message is effective, you can reach people faster, and direct traffic back to your company's website for more information. All of this sounds great, and we haven't even explored Twitters greatest asset to a company...trends. If your message ends up getting spread around quickly, you can become a trending topic, and that exposure can be like hitting the jackpot for marketing. People who may have never heard of your company will now see you as a trending topic and explore your link. Twitter really is a traffic driver more than a replacement for your company's web presence.  
Twitter is worth joining, simply to utilize its community as a research tool, but that's for another post. Stay tuned!

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